How to Cut a T-shirt

Happy Monday! Noelle here.

So I don’t know about you, but I hate wearing a men’s crew neck t-shirt. Band shirts, event shirts, family reunion shirts, team shirts, company shirts, stolen boyfriend’s shirt, etc. Let’s face it, all of the best t-shirts are a men’s shirt and they’re just not flattering on the female body. They’re boxy, the sleeves and the length are too long, and collar is uncomfortable. Personally, there’s something about them that makes me feel like I’m drowning in the shirt and the small neck hole is trying to suffocate me.

My solution? Cut it! And I don’t mean cut and sew it back together so it’s utterly unrecognizable. Just cutting with no sewing involved. Just you, your t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and a reasonable sense of proportion. This way you get some wearable use out of your cool t- shirt, it becomes something you actually want to wear and look cute in, and you have a unique shirt that no one else has, modified to your liking.

I’ve rounded up my 15 favorite tutorials on how to cut a t-shirt. All of them have a pretty simple and straightforward tutorial, so even the most inept DIY-er can do it. From a loose fitted tee, to an intricately woven back, I’ve gathered all the techniques you need to become a t-shirt cutting expert!

1. The Loose Fit (Girl’s) T-shirt

loose fit

2. The Muscle Shirt


3. The Cropped Tee


4. The Tie Bottom Tank


5. The Cropped Triangle Tank

cropped tank

6. The Macrame Tank


7. The One Shoulder

one shoulder

8. The Open Back Cut Outs

open back

9. The Halter


10. The Geometric Neckline


11. The Racerback


12. The Tie-Back


13. The Slashed Back


14. The Open Back Weave


15. The Spine Tee


Some tips from my experience:

  • Use sharp scissors, preferably ones you only use to cut fabric. Dull scissors can ruin the shirt with a jagged edge.
  • Use your favorite t-shirt or tank top as a guide. And be realistic. Don’t use a tight fitting shirt that uses half the fabric, use a loose fit shirt.
  • Turn your shirt inside out if you’re using a pen or chalk to mark it so you don’t have to wash it right away. Just make sure you know which side is the back and the front!
  • Give yourself extra room when cutting. You can always cut more later if you need to.
  • Try on your shirt multiple times while cutting. Just because it looks good flat, doesn’t mean it looks good on the body.

Hope this helps you guys! Let me know how these work for you or if you have a favorite no-sew t-shirt tutorial. Happy cutting!



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