Happy Monday!

In my fashion career, I have gone from working in actions sportswear and surf apparel to high end designer, luxury goods. I describe my style as mixing current trends with classic staple pieces from my closet to create a look thats timeless yet current. For this weeks post, I want to showcase 5 classic brands, what they’re known for and a little bit about each.

1. Louis Vuitton


lv building

Known for its luxury leather goods, Louis Vuitton got its start as a luggage company.

2. Chanel



Chanel represents timeless, classic silhouettes and feminine styles.

3. Hermes



In my opinion, Hermes makes the finest leather goods in the designer market. They are known for their handbags, scarves, and housewares.

4. Gucci



Gucci is known for its classic colors, GG logo and diamante pattern. The fashion house maintains its famous signature logo while also staying fashionable and showcases the latest trends.

5. Christian Dior

d d2

One of the top internationally recognized fashion houses, Dior helped create shapliness and silhouettes to clothing.

Classic brands are a must for any fashionistas closet. I am a big advocate of splurging every once in awhile on that timeless, classic garment or accessory.  Think of this the next time you shop..and get paid! 🙂



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